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    Killeen Full Service Dentistry for the Entire Family

    Welcome to our “About Us” page. We’d like to do a little more on this page than tell you our names and address; in fact, our objective is that by the time you finish reading this page that you have a very clear understanding of what makes our dental practice so much pediatric dentistdifferent from other practices here in Killeen, that if nothing else, you’ll want to meet us.

    Are you looking for family dentistry? A dentist that can ensure every member in your household receives the absolute best oral healthcare possible?

    Are your older children approaching the age where they require wisdom tooth removal? What about others in your family needing restorative procedures such as a root canal or even dentures to replace lost teeth?

    Are you, or a member of your family, experiencing any form of gingivitis, a form of early onset gum disease? You definitely don’t want to wait until the point where they require emergency dental care, as the price is nearly unbearable.

    Or, are you looking to improve your smile and looking into teeth whitening or have been considering the cost of veneers?

    These are all considerations that a family must think about as they are looking into a new dentist.

    The Preventive Dental Decisions You Make

    While each member of the household has different needs, one thing is true for every person in the household, and that is that a solid preventive dental plan keeps all of our teeth and gums healthy as well as gives us early warning signals if anything is potentially going wrong.

    But that aside, the one question that you need to answer before you settle on a new dentist is actually the most important question of all… do you like the dentist?

    gum diseaseIf for one reason or the other you can’t see yourself ever feeling comfortable with the dentist, there is absolutely zero reason for you to consider moving forward in your decision making process with this particular clinic. Move on.

    On the other hand, if you feel comfortable, and your due diligence has demonstrated that the dentist not only has the skills and experience, but also the fundamental education to care for all the members of your family, then you have probably found the right fit.

    Having served the Killeen, Texas community for as long as we have, we’d like to apply for the job of being your family’s dental healthcare provider as well. We are happy to introduce you to many of our happy and very pleased patients, and we invite you to read the countless number of testimonials and reviews that our happy patients have left for us over the years.

    One advantage that we have here in Killeen is that everyone knows us. We have been a cornerstone of the community over the years and we are looking forward to assisting you and your family with your dental objectives in the coming years.

    We’d like to invite you to call us now, or fill out the form on this page to schedule your family’s initial consultation. We’ll sit down with everyone and outline a very clear plan for each family member.

    We’re looking forward to speaking with you!