Avoiding Gingivitis and Gum Disease in Wyoming, Michigan

There are many reasons why people would have to visit an emergency dental care facility.  Usually a toothache is not one of them. A dental emergency is a situation in which a patient cannot stand the pain after taking aspirin or pain-relieving medicine.

gingivitisUrgent dental care should be reserved for an emergency root canal, trauma to the teeth that has resulted in a breakage and requires an emergency tooth extraction. These types of procedures are those that arise at the spur of the moment, are highly painful, and need to be addressed immediately.

Gingivitis and gum disease on the other hand are the types of illnesses that take a long time to progress. Gum disease will give symptoms long before the pain becomes intolerable.

You see, gingivitis is the precursor to gum disease (also known as “periodontal disease”). This occurs when bacteria in the mouth is not correctly cleaned or removed on a daily basis. The bacteria becomes plaque, which becomes tartar.

This builds up, inflames, and agitates the gums, leading to gum infection.

Once at this point, the symptoms of gum disease are bleeding gums, inflammation of the gums, receding gums, and sensitivity to touch and during eating.

This disease, once attained is easily correctable. However ideally you never reach this point.

Habitual care and maintenance of the teeth at home and by a dental hygienist will help you remove the cumulative build up of plaque and tartar. Not allowing this building to occur will save your gums from developing pockets of bacteria.

Dealing With Chronic Bad Breath

There are two reasons why people constantly have for bad breath causes:

  1. Improper hygiene
  2. Dietary habits

Imagine that you eat a whole clove of garlic, and right afterwords you fry an onion and eat that as well.  You can imagine the smell but I will be ruminating for the rest of the day, and I can imagine it as well it will not be pleasing.

bright smileNow, two things happen in your body after you do this. Your body will begin to break down this food in the mouth and in the stomach. This results in the particles entering the bloodstream.

That’s right, fragments of garlic and onion are entering your blood stream, which in turn will go into the lungs. From there you will continue to respirate and the smell will be expelled from your lungs. Now eventually this will subside and your breath will stop smelling like garlic and onions.

BUT… your mouth must also be cleansed of any deposits that the garlic and onions have left in your mouth. This means removing all deposits from the teeth, the gums, and the tongue. Considering both of these causes is one cure for bad breath.

Habitual Dental Visits Are Key

Seeing your dental professional two times a year is key to maintaining your overall dental health. Teeth cleanings and oral evaluations where your dentist will see how your teeth are developing. At these meetings you can also discuss small issues you’re having and they might be symptoms of a bigger issue.

For example, a small tooth pain might lead to the discovery of oral cancer, gum disease, or problems with your lymph nodes. Now this might be extreme cases but it is important to discuss small issues you’re having in your mouth before they become larger complex issues.

With your doctors you can discuss dry mouth treatment, or a toothache remedy.

Consider adopting a routine dental schedule, allowing you to visit the dentist two times a year. Cheap dental insurance is key in providing cost-effective visits to the dentist. Dental discount plans will prefer that you visit the dentist for routine visits in order to avoid complex and costly treatments.

So give us a little of your time to meet with you and talk about your oral hygiene habits, map out a plan for you and your family, and move forward from there. Just shoot us an appointment request and we’ll do our best to accommodate your schedule! We’ll talk to you soon!