Am I Eligible For Cosmetic Dentistry?

Forming an attractive and aesthetically pleasing smile has never been easier. Dental procedures and teeth whitening prices have made a white smiles mainstream.  However, teeth whitening cost is usually not covered even by the best dental health plans.

whiten teethUsually full coverage dental insurance will help cover the things that make your smile healthy and long-lasting, not elected procedures that make you look like George Clooney. If you have private individual dental insurance, there is a slight chance that cosmetics will be included in your coverage, but you will know about it because you will have opted-in for cosmetic insurance.

The good news is that our dental practice offers affordable dental to help pay for professional teeth whitening and to cover porcelain veneers cost in addition to Lumineers cost.

Not only will you have to consider insurance coverage, but before taking your smile to the next step and making it more attractive, you will have to attain a basic level of good oral health. Before being a good candidate for cosmetics, we will conduct an oral evaluation to ensure that your gum health is in good condition and that no restorative or preventive care need to be taken.

We have had potential clients come into our office seeking teeth whitening, only to find that they were an ideal candidate for wisdom teeth removal, or another preventive and restorative procedure. If it has been a lot of time since your last appointment and your teeth have accumulated some plaque, this might cause your teeth to lose some of that brilliant white shade that you are looking for. Therefore a routine teeth cleaning might be a better solution than whitening the teeth themselves.

Professional Teeth Whitening vs. Home Treatment

When considering the best teeth whitening, hands down, an in-office procedure is your best bet for the best results. Starting at around $500, the teeth whitening cost covers the material used to actually treat the teeth and the costs associated with our experience and specialty in improving the smile

You can also consider a teeth whitener in the form of a take-home kit. These kids can be purchased over-the-counter at a pharmacy, or online via Amazon or other similar locations. There can sometimes be side effects of harsh agents affecting the gums or the whitening providing undesired results.

dentistThere is no better indication of our experience than showing before and after pictures of our patients’ smiles. In our office, at your free consultation for cosmetic dentistry, we will be happy to show dozens of cases where our patients have experienced dramatic results.

What About Veneers Cost?

Dental veneers are great solution for our patients who are little older in age and have experienced many dental treatments over the years. Because veneers is also considered cosmetic dentistry, they’re largely uncovered by insurance providers.

As a result we have experience in addressing the question, “How much are veneers and do you offer discount dental payment plans?”

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