Cosmetic Dentistry & Teeth Whitening Are Bigger Than Ever in Miramar

Everybody wants to look their best. Most people in developed societies have been able to eliminate dental diseases like gingivitis, an abscessed tooth, or periodontal disease. Since people don’t have any problems with their mouths, they are free to explore methods that will enhance the look of their smile.

Because of the innovations of cosmetic dentistry, having an outstandingly attractive smile is easier than ever. The secret not for how to whiten teeth up to eight shades whiter is one or two office visits of one hour in the chair!

Laser teeth whitening is the method we use for in office whitening teeth. It produces results that are much higher quality than over the counter products like gels or adhesives. These products do work, but the results are marginal at best.

veneersHow Much Are Veneers?

Another gift to modern times is veneers teeth. Although they both seek to repair the same type of issues, and both are aesthetic in nature, veneers are considered to be purely aesthetic dental crowns.

When possible, a veneer is always the option that is preferred. If it’s an option, you should try and opt for veneers, as they leave more of the original tooth intact thus preserving more of the original structure.

Dental veneers can be thought of as snap on teeth that permanently bonded onto teeth, they are more expensive than crowns and not covered by dental insurance unless you have a cosmetic option attached to your primary care.

You may have heard of Lumineers. They are an advanced type of veneer that is thinner in material, providing for even more of the original tooth structure to remain intact! Not as good for concealing stains as the porcelain can appear to be more transparent.

In general, cosmetic dentistry cost will be relatively high when dental insurance plans do not offer coverage of subsidy. The overall results of the finished product when dealing with veneers is remarkable. If you are considering the procedure, we suggest you visit our office. Here you can learn how we implement the treatment and view some of our examples! Not only do we have photos of before and after, but our receptionists are living examples of our work! Speaking with them will give you an impression of the finished product.