Root Canal Specialist in Whittier

Often times when we see a patient and tell them that they need a root canal, their eyes get wide, they take a deep breath, and let out a profound sigh.

dental implantsThere are many reasons why you may need a root canal, and do not be afraid if this is the case. Millions of Americans every year are able to keep teeth that they were born with by having a root canal done.

First of all, what is a root canal? Well, first understand the components of a tooth. Under the enamel which is the white exterior part, there is a living interior part of the tooth called the pulp. This contains nerves and veins. Often times if this area becomes damaged, it needs to be removed from the tooth.

This interior part is only necessary for the growth of the tooth, once it is removed the tooth continues to receive nutrients from the surrounding tissue.

What are some of the reasons why a root canal may be implemented?

  • Deep infection or decay of the soft tissue inside the tooth
  • A crack or chip in the tooth
  • Repeated procedures such as fillings
  • Trauma that affects the interior part of the tooth, this can sometimes happen and showed no outward damage.

Root canal cost may be hefty, so it is suggested that you buy or register for dental insurance. Of course there are many components in deciding the price of a root canal including: which region of the mouth the tooth in question is in and the severity of the situation.

Best Dental Implants

In addition to providing root canals, our dental facility is able to provide expertly-installed dental implants.

Tooth implants are artificial teeth better installed in a space where there was once an original tooth. For whatever reason this missing tooth is gone a dental implant may be inserted in its place.

The best dental implants cost can be quite affordable, provided that it is a low intensity situation and especially for looking for a temporary solution.

A dental implant cost can vary depending on which way you choose to install the teeth. A removable implant can be affixed in the mouth by the adjoining it to  the surrounding teeth, this is the cheapest tooth implant cost.

However, the most effective and longest-lasting is a permanent implant. One that is affixed to the jawbone via titanium materials that hold the implant in place.

The next level of teeth replacement are full dentures. This is ideal for patients who are looking to replace their entire set of teeth and those who never want to go through another teeth whitening procedure again!

Dentures are a great solution to forming a great looking smile at an advanced age.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

whitening teethAnother type of extraction that we do in our office, is one that is entirely elective and planned. Rather than dealing with decay or a breakage of the tooth, all wisdom teeth removal procedures have your future health in mind.

You see, our mouths have been getting smaller over the last centuries.  As our four adult molars move in to the back of our mouth, we often do not have enough space. This creates an issue for the teeth that are already in our mouth. The rest of the mouth can become impacted, and they moves as result of the new molars.

Sometimes it is in your best interest to remove these wisdom teeth before they grow and move the rest of the mouth around.

If you have any questions regarding any restorative procedures you or your family may need now or in the near future, request an appointment by using our form, and we’ll get back with you with confirmation as quickly as we can.