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Looking for a new family dentist in Hayward, CA? Welcome to our page and hopefully we can provide you with the insight you’re looking for. Perhaps you’re looking for a general dentist that can work with your low cost dental plans or you’re looking for explanations of dental implant procedure cost. For whatever reason, we’ve developed this website with your needs in mind.

family dentalWho We Are

A group of oral health professionals that are educated and licensed in California and seek to provide each and every family in Hayward with dentistry solutions that not only repair issues but also help prevent future dental diseases.

By educating and instilling a passion for oral health, we hope that our patients and their families can maintain picture perfect smiles without ever needing to locate a dental emergency clinic. Regardless of affiliations with a dental insurance plan, we offer timely, valuable and effective solutions to everyday issues and complex advanced treatments.

If you’re looking for a ‘dentist near me open on Sunday,’ that is not us, but we are willing to provide flexibility during the business week. We know that most of our patients are in the office when we are, and getting time off work is not always the easiest thing!

Dental Works You’ll Find At Our Medical Dentist Office

We are a full-service dentistry in Hayward. Providing a one-stop-shop for all your current and future needs is our mission. Its hard for patients to will themselves into our office, let alone find many specialists around the Bay Area! The treatments you will find in our office, to name a few:

Routine dentistry, usually covered up to 100% by insurance plans

Providing gingivitis treatment and tooth pain relief, these kinds of treatments are meant to keep you away from dental diseases that will result in complex treatments and high expenses. A simple solution can be prescribed such as a home remedy or a holistic dentistry trick, we always shoot for the quickest and simplest first.

root canalAlso routine cleanings, exams, x-rays, and evaluations for oral cancers and gum recession and other signs of developing diseases. These kinds of appointments will be possible and fully paid for twice per year. If you don’t come, you lose the benefits of your insurance! We will clean the teeth to a nice finish and in the process, take off all the built up plaque and tartar while investigating your gum health. Ensuring you are in good standing is the objective, and it’s up to you to do so!

Basic treatments are usually covered up to 80% with coverage.

Basis care includes providing basic restorations such as assistance with root canal cost and either the subsequent tooth filling or dental crown cost depending on how profound the tooth decay has burrowed. These are things that can arise frequently as a result of minor tooth decay or slight breakage of a tooth. These kinds of treatments are quick and relatively painless, nothing too invasive.

Major dentistry are often covered up to 50%.

Expect many blurred lines as to which procedures are covered under your policy. For example, wisdom teeth removal can often be classified as basic care, as can dental crowns and denture repair. Dentures, dental bridges cost, dental implants, installation of all types of false teeth, and cost of implant dentures will always fall into this category. Gum surgery and extractions also.

These works are those that are necessary as a result of a major breakage from trauma, extraction, or from tooth decay. Invasive in nature, they require a bit more in recovery.

The most common treatment in this category are affordable dental implants teeth. The cost of dental implants are one of the reason for its popularity. Besides being highly valuable for the treatment issued, dental implant price can fit any budget. The treatment is a permanent solution that will need minimal maintenance and restore the smile to its prior heights. Comfort and treatment are the direct result of this installation.

teeth whiteningCosmetic Dentistry

When looking for an improved smile dental solution, cosmetic dentistry is a great solution to your desires. When looking for how to whiten teeth, we can provide valuable insight.  Teeth whitening is just part of our expertise in providing for a more attractive smile. We offer flexible options for the price of veneers teeth. Veneer teeth sheet coverings are a practical and effective solution to recreate a worn out smile

We work alongside your provider to provide you with the benefits you need and deserve. Even if you don’t have a plan, we can provide the solutions you need from everyday routine works to complex treatments.

If you do have a plan, we can help to make sense of all the rules and policy regulations. All plans differ in the components; yearly benefits, co-pay, premiums, coverage, etc. These things must all be considered when shopping for your personal plans.

Emergency Dental Care Dentist and Routine Oral Healthcare

Dental emergencies are some of the most uncomfortable situations both for your comfort and pocket. While accidents are inevitable, and we all might experience one or two in our lifetimes, the kinds of emergencies that are the result of lack of care can be completely avoided.

For those of our patients with and without dental insurance, preventive care is the most important aspect of what we do. Sure, we implement restorative works with incredible functional and aesthetic results, and we also brighten smiles with incredible cosmetic works that can transform a smile, but these are not the most important aspect of our practice.

Taking up the majority of our treatments are routine visits and procedures. Teeth cleanings, cavities, fillings, and exams are all a part of what we do everyday to ensure that our patients can keep their teeth in the best condition. If all our patients subscribed to this attitude of regular appointments and nothing but the best oral care, we would never have to implement restorations.

Extracting teeth, fillings, root canals, and gum surgery are things that we have to do when patients fall between the gaps and stop coming by our office. Not having a routine look through the oral cavity allows patients to fall between the gaps. Dental diseases are silent creepers. They rarely show their face until you are desperate for an emergency tooth extraction, as the signs of gum disease decide to show themselves with a big bang resulting in tooth pain.

Payment Plans and Dental Insurance Plans Affiliations

gingivitisWe want to be your go to source for all oral care issues you are having. Contemplating toothache remedies and the best mouthwash for gingivitis? No need, we have got the solutions for you! Wondering what is a root canal and how to avoid it? We have got the answers for you!

Our payment system for all works including teeth whitening, porcelain teeth implants cost, and dental implants cost are very affordable regardless of affiliation with discount dental plans. Our front desk is skilled at counseling and providing dental advice regarding the best teeth whitener or whether or not your are best off with orthodontic insurance to protect your children.

Most of our patients have affordable dental insurance plans or some kind of dental coverage. This means that our service to clients includes not only dental treatments and advising, but also handling the payment and processing of all of your provider’s restrictions. Often times this makes a frustrating predicament, but our office has taken steps to avoid these complications.

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You have nothing to lose by visiting us. Come on in for short introduction or a full first visit. Make sure to locate your past oral history, so we can match the records with what is currently going on inside your mouth! There is a contact form on the Request Appointment page.