Dentists On A Mission To Provide a Family Dental Center For The High Plains

It should only be fitting that in the city where Texas Tech is, that there should be premier dentistry services for all families and individuals looking to take responsibility for their dental health. As a critical component of the community here in Lubbock, we provide 24 hour dentist services in addition to collaboration with your cheap dental insurance provider.

dentist open on sundayHaving worked in Hub City for decades now, we have developed from experience of our eldest dentist and kept on growing through the additions of new top graduates from the universities in Texas. This keeps us fresh and up to date with the newer generation’s needs.

When you’re looking for a dentist in town, there are many top practices, and we are pleased to be among those! We are able to claim this because our patients are constantly recruiting for us. Recommendations of friends and family is our number one driver of new business, this is great for us! As we excel at keeping our patients healthy and without need of constant visits to the office for major dental works, we need a steady flow of new patients!

Looking For A Dentist Near Me Who Knows Their Stuff

Every one of our dentists is a member of multiple dental associations that parallel their specialization. In order to stay current with the newest breakthroughs in the dental field, this is a necessity. Our learning and growing never ceases! If you’ve been with another dentist for some time, you will clearly understand our difference within just the first visit!

cost of affordable dental implantsWe wouldn’t call ourselves a holistic dentist office but we do seek minimally medicated and alternative approaches before prescribing harsh chemical treatments and prescription drugs. For many of the most common types of oral issues, there are simple home remedies for a toothache. Did you know that brushing with baking powder is one of the best teeth whitening products (if your stains are minimal and extrinsic).

We are a wealth of knowledge and seek to educate you on the benefits of good oral habits! Also, we seek to aid our patients in their search for dental plans for individuals and in providing alternative methods of payment for our services. Now, we are not looking for marketing consultations (we already got a guy for that) or bartering of any kind, but we understand that sometimes its hard to pay for a sudden and unexpected event that results in a visit to the affordable emergency dentist!

Whether you have the best dental insurance plans and are looking for an in-network dentist or are looking for a dental office that provides payment plans for emergency dental clinic services, we are the office for you.

 What To Expect At First Appointment | My Kids Dentist Open On A Sunday emergency dental care

A first appointment at our office can be many things for different people.

For those who have recently moved to the area and just need to have their bi-annual checkup, the meeting is fast and smooth. It mainly just has us getting to know one another, updating your oral health file, and letting us get a look at your oral appliances.

For those who haven’t seen a dentist in years, its usually a bit more chaotic. For whatever reason you’re drawn in to our office- usually a root canal pain, searching for bad breath remedies or investigation into your receding gums, we’ve got the solution for you. First, we dig up any files your past dentist may have, then we give a through and deep teeth cleaning. This will remove plaque and built up tartar and give us an impression of your gum health. If any gum diseases are present, we will figure out a treatment process. If you need more follow through, we will schedule a next appointment where we will update or perform maintenance on dental installations, working to restore gum health, or any other procedures.

For a child’s first appointment, we aim to indoctrinate them into the processes that goes on in the office. How to be a good and calm patient, acceptance of dental supplies and tools into the mouth, ability to understand procedural directions, etc. More than anything we want to make a child view the dental office like they do the McDonald’s playground!

Gum Diseases and Preventive Dental Care

family dental centerPart of what makes us so successful in the treatment of oral health is our preventive methodology to caring for our patients’ teeth. We teach you proper oral care and methods to keep your mouth spic-and-span. Mediocre cleaning habits are one of the leading reasons for what causes bad breath.

Oral diseases are always slow forming, providing lots of time for careful scrutiny to identify and end before you develop full blown periodontal disease. We are able to provide gingivitis treatment and all kinds of care for gum health.

Avoiding gingivitis will help avoid emergency situations that arise as the gums give you extreme tooth pain. This kind of sudden unforeseen pain can often be the result of tooth decay that has spread to profound parts of your gums and jaw. An abscessed tooth can also result from an infection that has reached to the base or root of a tooth. We are well equipped to deal with these types of procedures, however, they will be preventable with routine visits to our office and adherence to our preventive approach to oral health.

Other kinds of preventive care include taking procedural lengths to avoid future issues. With procedural tooth extraction, we can help with crowding or impaction of the mouth. Wisdom teeth removal is similar in that we help prevent issues that can arise from the growth if these molars. To identify if you are at risk for impaction, we need to perform a panoramic x-ray and see what kind of trajectory your wisdom teeth are taking.

Not addressing these issues can lead to long-term negative effects such as crowding, deterioration of dental appliances and a need for emergency dental care for extreme pain.

Long Lasting Restorations & Cost Of Affordable Dental Implants

In the event that you have a missing tooth, there are many solutions to regain your confidence and ability to function with a full set of teeth!

Dental implants, affordable dentures and denture repair are a few of the things we do in office. Dentures must be highly formed in order to provide comfort when eating, speaking, and everything else!

Cosmetic Dentistry And The Cost Of Tooth Implantgingivitis treatment

The merger our cosmetic dentistry experience with impressive restorations creates dental implant procedure cost that is significantly better than the other dental offices in the Lubbock area.

Teeth implants cost are going to vary on the experience and skill of the dentist. For the most aesthetically attractive solutions, the tooth implant cost rises. At this point in history, implanted teeth are a safe bet as far a long-lasting and comfort. What you have to beware of is the look of the finished result.

Cosmetic dentistry cost in our office is kept low because we have many patients asking for services on a routine basis. This means that the cost of our high-tech equipment can be incurred through many different outlets.

When searching for a cosmetic solution to your smile, you are most likely looking for dental veneers and whitening teeth. Both are solutions that dramatically increase the attractiveness of a smile. Porcelain veneers provide results that last 10-15 years and will hide disfigured teeth, stains, and reform the general shape of your smile. When choosing a general dentist veneers should be part of their services. This means that should you decide on the procedure, your dentist is already familiar with the general outlay of your teeth.

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