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What do you look for in a walk in dental clinic, a children’s local dentist and an affordable emergency dentist?
gentle family dentist

We’ve learned over the years from testimonials and conversations with hundreds of our clients that this is what a patient wants from their oral health care provider:

  • Trust and straightforward explanations of treatments and why they are necessary.
  • Professional personality and a strong character to ensure that a long-lasting relationship can be built.
  • Education and experience that continues to stay on the forefront of the dental industry.
  • Value and flexibility in payments for basic treatments and advanced procedures.
  • Accountability for all types of treatments no matter how simple or complex, and the confidence that an oral health professional will deliver the desired results.

We offer dental clinic discounts for those patients without insurance and are in-network collaborators with all types of fancy and cheap affordable dental insurance plans. This results in us offering services to families, single individuals, and every person in between. If someone has teeth, we service them!

From our many years as an oral healthcare provider to Texans, we’ve grown alongside our patients. Providing family services is a privilege and we never forget that our patients are what make our practice thrive!

Difference Between Dental Implant Procedure Cost & Denture Teeth Implants

If you are researching teeth replacements, you might have heard of implants teeth, dental bridges, tooth implant procedure, denture implants, and All on 4 procedure. What is the difference between all these implants!?

  • Implant. A tooth implant is a solution to replace a single missing tooth. The visible part of the tooth is anchored into the gums and jaw by a titanium root.
  • Denture Implant. Using the same rooting anchor of a titanium root, this is a solution that replaces multiple missing teeth. The visible part of the teeth can be fitted for a denture or bridge appliance that is subsequently fixed onto the permanent root. The crown, which is the visible part can be replaced, but the root is in there forever!

We also offer affordable dentures cost for those patients who would prefer not to have invasive treatments. Although there are few excuses to have such a cutting edge, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing procedure because we do use sedation dentistry to help you through the process. For those who are interested in the cowhat causes bad breathst of dental implants, we can give an accurate estimate through an in-office consultation.

Cosmetic Dentistry

There are many methods of improving a patient’s smile and not always does it involve the most expensive and invasive treatments that we offer! We are nothing other than straightforward in explaining the solutions available, their costs, the potential results, and offering only the best solution for our patients.

This is why we can offer those patients with extrinsic and minimal staining to explore over the counter solutions before shelling out hundreds for professional teeth whitening. If a patient has surface stains that can easily be removed with the best whitening toothpaste or teeth whitening strips, then we recommend that! But before heading down to the pharmacy, you should consult us so we can tell you exactly which kind of treatment is optimal for your oral situation.

For those patients with a more intricate type of profound staining, we do offer the right kind of bleaching methods to dissolve those stains. How to whiten teeth with bleaching after years of stains have developed is one of our specialties. Coffee, wine, berries, tobacco, all the best things in life are detrimental to the bright shine of your teeth!

Our in-office solution takes place over two visits of just over one hour long appointments and will dramatically change the way you feel about your smile! Of course, whitening only works on natural teeth, so if you have crowns, implants, bridges or any other kinds of dental treatments, veneers might be a better solution for you.

Not only do veneers teeth cover stains of all types of natural and false teeth, but they can do miracles in terms of reshaping the smile. Covering up gaps, misshapen teeth, and misaligned bites, veneers are expensive for a reason.

Preventive Care to Avoid Gingivitis and Periodontal Disease

Part of our offering is to educate and mentor on methods to stave off advanced dental diseases, gum disease, and unnecessary oral health issues.

Tooth ache, receding gums, bleeding gums, dry mouth and other signs can be symptoms that you are developing gingivitis. This stems from a lack of oral hygiene and care and can be what causes bad breath. All these diseases and negative effects can be avoided by teeth cleaning cost and visiting a dentist two times per year for a regular checkup!

Even taking preventive care of growing teeth can be preventive. Wisdom tooth removal is a treatment that will prevent all the teeth from being negatively affected. A lack of space that develops from the late growth of wisdom teeth can move the teeth around the rear molars and create havoc. If you are a candidate for wisdom tooth extraction, your dentist will be able to notify you after performing xrays.

Tooth cavity pain relief can be found by lists online titled something like, ’40 Home Remedies for Toothache Pain’ and they work. But only prolonging pain is like putting on a blindfold if you are in a sinking ship! There is nothing worse than postponing necessary dental treatments because the issue will snowball into larger and more complex situations.

TMJ treatment is a tough one to deal with. The causes for TMJ can be profound and deep within the muscles and bones in the mouth, neck and jaw. Often times its best to seek treatment from a specialist, but then again perhaps the best solution is to stop and detrimental effects on the mouth and teeth. This means that rather than seeking invasive jaw surgery, you may be better off using a night guard to stop the effects of bruxism.veneers teeth


For a broken tooth bonding is the best solution when and where it is available. Imagine that you chip a tooth and leave the majority of the tooth intact. If the root and nerve is not exposed then there is no reason to go in and perform a root canal or to extract the tooth. The best solution can be to use bonding to fill in the missing area if the broken part is not available.

This is the least invasive treatment for repairing and restoring a tooth in need. Bonding is a fairly simple and straightforward procedure in which the tooth or teeth in question has a composite resin applied into the desired shape. The material is then dried with a laser light treatment, in this time it is then ‘bonded’ to the tooth in a long lasting solution. This allows for the restoration to be done quickly and results in a comfortable and highly attractive solution that last years.

The dental benefits of bonding are many. First, it is least invasive providing for the opportunity to take the tooth in a number of different directions in the future. Also, it is cheap, quick, and highly effective. Again, this is generally only available for cases in which the majority of the tooth is still intact but needs some kind of restorative process.

A tooth crown is another type of fairly simple and minimally invasive tooth restoration procedure. If a tooth is reduced by a breakage or by tooth decay, we can cover with a kind of cap. It is nearly indistinguishable by normal eyes, this cap is generally made of porcelain but can be made of other metals or materials. The tooth crown will replace the entire visible part of the tooth and be sealed at the root.

Other types of restorations that are performed in our office are:

  • Denture repair
  • Dental extraction
  • Wisdom teeth removal
  • Cavities and Fillings
  • Inlays and Onlays


  • “When we first moved to Texas, we knew nobody to recommend a dentist near me. We were lost! Thankfully we found I found low cost dental care through a quick Google search that worked with my discount plan. It’s been 8 years now and I recommend you to all my friends and coworkers!” Anne F.
  • “Best dentist in my area! Hard to find a quality dentist here.” Dustin S.
  • “A gentle family dentistry that offered me a flexible emergency dental payment plans when I needed them most.” Suzanna M.childrens local dentist

Don’t take our word for it! Find more reviews about our practice online or ask around your neighborhood!

Contact us for any doubts you have or questions regarding your dental solution. We can help steer you towards a good dental plan that can subsidize the care that we offer in office. As an in-network practice, we understand the need for affordable quality services that are guaranteed to function and flourish!