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Welcome to the website of one of the most highly awarded dental practices in Richland and Lexington Counties. Our mission is to provide dental solutions that keep our patients’ smiles healthy through multiple generations.

What kind of dentistry services do we offer the citizens of Columbia?

  • 24 hour dentist to provide care at all hours of the dentist
  • Kids dentist near me who know how to appeal to a child’s habits and needs.
  • Walk in dentist open later to provide flexibility to those who work normal office hours.
  • Emergency dental clinic who can deal with spur of the moment issues our clients have without ruining the day of those normally scheduled patients.
  • Family dentist who are heads of household ourselves and can deliver the exact care we want to receive.

The dentist office you decide on should provide valuable care that makes you confident in recommending their services to family and neighbors. This is how our practice grows, primarily through word of mouth in our local community.

Porcelain Veneers Cost and Teeth Bleaching

One of the primary things we offer clients is cosmetic dentistry. We believe that cosmetic dentists need to fully understand the plethora of oral health services before they can delve into the artful world of cosmetics. Implementing cosmetic dental works means that we understand the complex appliances that are in many mouths, that we understand the relationship with teeth and their supporting structures.

Before we can work on making the smile more attractive, we must ensure that your underlining health is excellent and matches a high level of oral hygiene habits. This guarantees that your cosmetic works will have your support in withstanding the test of time.

signs of gingivitisThe types of cosmetic dentistry that we offer are whitening teeth with teeth bleaching tactics and through installing veneers.

Porcelain veneers cost will unlikely be covered by an insurance provider, so those who decide on the cost of veneers must be highly dedicated to supporting their overall oral health.

How to whiten teeth has been an issue that has plagued humans for millennia. In our current age, teeth whitening system cost makes the procedure a simple and accessible solution to all types of people. We see those in movies with perfect smiles, and they are easily attainable for all people.

If you’re considering an in-home approach, we are happy to suggest the best teeth whitening products, gel pens, adhesive strips, or even the best whitening toothpaste. Consulting us before electing this method is a good idea, because we can identify your types of stains and give you the best tactic to dissolve deep stains.

Cosmetic teeth surgery can also include all types of restorative works. When placing dental appliances into mouths, we take on a certain level of artistic rendition that not all dentists in the area have. You see, procedures in this day and age are no longer questionable in terms of function or installation, the only question that remains is how do they appear?

Well, our patients leave here after a cosmetic treatment and gladly pose for the AFTER portion of their photos. Come in for a free consultation to see the office and our album of patient experiences!

Dental Extraction & Replacement Tooth Process best teeth whitening products

Part of restorative and basic dental works means removing portions or entire teeth, clearing out the soft-tissue inside a tooth, and finally replacing the missing pieces or teeth.

When it comes to removing teeth and tooth decay, we implement pain-free and minimally invasive tactics. Removing the essential parts of an infected tooth and nothing more is our goal. In a root canal cost, we factor in the location of tooth and the overall condition of the tooth that requires treatment. Don’t worry too much about the cost of a root canal as it will usually be covered up to 80% with a dental providers coverage.

For full tooth removal we offer a quick solution. Wisdom teeth removal can be a great option and is often suggested for young adults when we see that their adult molars are growing in at an awkward angle. If this growth were to negatively impact the rest of the mouth years from now, you will be happy with the wisdom tooth extraction cost you paid long ago.

Affordable Dental Implants Dentist | Restoration Dentistry

If you come into our office missing a tooth or two, or elect to have an extraction done in office we are a wonderful candidate to perform the next stage of treatment, replacing the missing tooth/teeth!

dental implantsWe offer dental implant procedure cost that is accessible to everyone, with our without insurance coverage. The cost of dental implants is a scalable endeavor, meaning that having more than one tooth implanted at one time will provide cost savings for you. Tooth implant cost will factor in your oral health (gums and jaw), location of the tooth, what kind of tooth, and the surrounding environment.

For other false teeth implants dental procedures, we offer denture implants. This is a combination or dentures and an implant. A solution for those patients who are missing all of their upper and or lower teeth. Can also be considered if you are fed up with the state of your overall smile and are looking for a permanent solution to replacing all the teeth in your mouth. If you are missing many teeth that are neighbors, partial implant dentures can be an option for you.

Other Restorative Works

The other kinds of works that we offer for missing teeth are dental bridge and affordable dentures creation. For damaged teeth that still have the majority of the existing tooth, a crown is an excellent and the cheapest option. Dental bonding can also help a chipped or broken tooth regain it’s past form. Restorations are a large part of our day to day operations, but we prefer to work on the underlining health of the oral cavity.

Maintaining Gum Health & High Oral Hygiene Standards

Part of our goal as dentistry experts is to help out patients evade periodontal disease. This is a disease that affects many Americans yearly, but there are many stages before reaching this point and we can identify the issue before it becomes hard to contain.

The signs of gingivitis will be found at routine dental visits and the treatment for gingivitis is very straightforward and easy to implement. It mainly involves giving your oral habits a once over and ensuring that your brushing and flossing are kicked up a notch. In addition to a deep tooth cleaning and removing plaque and tartar, a gum disease treatment that provides excellent results is fluoride treatment.

Family Dental Emergencyporcelain veneers cost

A major part of our job is helping families in emergency situations. Often times a dental emergency arises from intense pain. We have many home remedies for a toothache and answers for the question, “what can I do for a toothache?” In addition we help with maintenance of dental appliances, denture repair, offer bad breath remedies and suggest what to do for tooth pain.

These small preventive care considerations will help you avoid a trip to the emergency clinic or emergency room with pain. However, don’t let these issues go unattended to because most likely these kinds of pains are indicators of some other kind of underlining issue. Tooth pain can mean cavities, tooth decay, grinding of the teeth, gum disease, and other oral health issues. Visiting our office for these types of symptoms is the smartest thing you can do for your long-term heath.

Affordable Dental Care Insurance

Another major component of what we do is work with kids dental plan and family dental insurance plans. As a large percentage of our patients have insurance, we need to have highly trained staff that are experts at collaborating with insurance providers to both sides what they are looking for.

A good way to safeguard your overall health is with dental insurance and emergency dental care coverage, because you never know when accidents can and will eventually happen. You want to be prepared for these situations. However, if you decide against coverage, we offer incredibly flexible payment plans that compete with the most liberal offices in town!

If our website leaves anything to your imagination, please contact us to get the facts! There is a contact form on the Request Appointment page where you can send us a message for any reason.