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We don’t like to put ourselves into corners, and defining ourselves as one type of dentist is doing just that. If we MUST categorize ourselves, here is a short list of the type of dentistry practice we are:

An affordable dentist office that understands the needs of our patients. Our patients seek a dental clinic that understand their need for a trustworthy dentist who offers straightforward and honest treatments. A dental center office that offers comprehensive dental service for routine scheduled care in addition to major dental works (and the experience and reputation to back them up).

implant retained denturesAn emergency dentistry that provides 24 hour emergency dentist services to long standing patients and those patients who cannot reach their dentist office or those that have none. We know that unexpected situations arise at a moments notice and that you’d want to address a lost tooth, trauma, or severe tooth pain instantly. For this reason we make ourselves available to your needs when the situation calls for us- regardless of time of day.

A cosmetic dentistry that can take a healthy smile and elevate it to new levels of beauty. Using the most current innovative techniques to whiten teeth and apply porcelain veneers is one of the most sought after treatments we offer.

An implant dentist near me who provides exceptional top level major dentistry. You want to find a dentist that offers exemplary treatments for the dental works that are most invasive and will have a profound impact on your day-to-day life. Treatments like dentures, implants, and treatment of gum disease.

Moreover, you want a oral health practitioner that understands the financial needs you and your family have. One that works alongside a number of dental works coverage providers and supplemental dental insurance plans in order to get you the benefits you deserve.

A Family Dentist For Basic and Major Dental Works

family dentistOur practice is insightful and expertly delivers all kinds of dentistry treatments. This means that we start from the ground up. Ensuring that the gums and jaw are in excellent shape before focusing on the teeth and their appearance is critical to our goal of keeping you in good oral standing. Lets discuss some of the typical symptoms that can be an indication of gum disease and major dental issues.

You see, not keeping a routine of two solid brushings and flossings a day can lead to undesirable bacteria forming in the mouth, especially in those hard to reach places. The causes of bad breath can stem from the type of foods you east, especially if you have a diet rich in garlic or other types of strong foods like curry, alcohol, or tobacco usage.

These foods will continue to seep out from your pores and lungs long after even the most deep tooth cleaning. Usually what causes bad breath is a lack of oral care. Not brushing and flossing the teeth after every meal can leave some food deposits to sit and emit strong odors while the saliva is breaking them down.

This eventually leads to issues with the gums. Once the gums develop diseases, they can rapidly spread throughout the entire mouth. The jaws and the gums are the supporting structures for the teeth, so you must keep them in good condition.

Bleeding gums, inflammation, and tooth pain are all symptoms that you need gingivitis cure treatment. Hopefully the issue is diagnosed and recognized early on. As the disease reaches the next level, gum disease treatment will be relatively simple but require more techniques and strategies to reverse. Healthy gums are a basis of your smile, even if you don’t notice or think of them as being that. Patients that are diagnosed with gum disease as , “is gingivitis curable,” and it is, its just not an overnight treatment.

Tooth pain causes can stem from the gums and those kinds of diseases, but they can also be a result of inflammation of the pulp of the tooth, a fracture, or some kind of tooth decay. What to take for tooth pain relief can vary on the basis of the pain is, but more important is that you get into our office as soon as possible. Pain can be caused by diseases that will not be addressed by ibuprofen or other remedies.

What is a root canal? This is a treatment that is commonly administered when tooth decay has reached beyond the enamel of a tooth to infect the soft-tissue inside. This root is connected to the jaw and needs to be contained in order to stop the spread of infection. This is a common treatment and saves millions of teeth around the United States every year.

Other types of procedures we perform with tremendous results:

  • Cavities and fillingsteeth cleaning
  • Exams, evaluations, sealants
  • All on 4 dental implants, dental bridges,
  • Denture adhesive sealing
  • Full dentures and denture repair
  • Cheap dental caps and tooth crowns (porcelain)
  • Emergency tooth extraction (also wisdom teeth removal)
  • Implant retained dentures
  • Instant laser teeth whitening
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Veneers teeth

Commonly Asked Questions

One of the most important part of being an oral health practitioner is being able to answer many types of questions. Treatment process, cost of various procedures, suggestions for alternatives, and handling of insurance are things we explain gladly on a daily basis. Here are some of our most commonly asked questions, hopefully they help you in your search for information.

all on 4 dental implantsLumineers & Veneers. “I am wondering what the difference is between veneers and Lumineers cost? I have been looking into a smile makeover and cant seem to understand why Lumineers are more expensive. How much are veneers are your office?” The reason that they are more expensive than veneers is because they are crafted from a thinned porcelain material. This extra attention manifests itself in a higher cost that is paid to the laboratory, where newer techniques and machines are used to fabricate the porcelain for the sheet. We can only give estimates in office after seeing the patient and getting a look into the mouth!

Implants “I’ve been shopping around wondering about how much are dental implants cost going to set me back? Why is it so hard to get an estimate?” Getting an estimate for dental implant cost can be tricky, and no dentist in their right mind will give an estimate over email correspondence due to the variance in personal situations. To get a better idea of how much your treatment will be, you will need to visit the dentist office to give both sides a better idea of what is going on.

Dental Implants. “Low cost dental implants seem to very popular around Toledo, and
I was wondering why is the tooth implant cost procedure so expensive and why there is a blurry line in dealing with insurance providers?”

You’re right in saying that the treatment is expensive and rarely significantly covered by dental providers. This is because the treatment is the most advanced, is highly invasive and requires many hours of laboratory work and as a result is more expensive. Providers will argue that this kind of treatment is elective and as a result will only be able to cover a small portion of the procedure or will argue that another lesser treatment is more appropriate.

gingivitis cure treatmentCosmetic Dentistry. “I have a mediocre smile and can’t afford veneers. I think bleaching is right for me. How much is teeth whitening in your office?” We can actually price for teeth whitening because there are more or less only a few types of variations in patients’ existing situations. For intrinsic stains, we start at around $500 for two visits to the office in which we will whiten the teeth dramatically.

 Dentures. “Why is the cost of affordable dentures lower than full dental implants?” Dental implants are much newer treatments than dentures and require less laboratory, in-office time, and experience for implementation.

Emergency Dental Care & Kids Emergency Dentist

If your child is experiencing a dental emergency, you must be careful how you treat the situation. A young mind can become traumatized from active engagements, automobiles, or whatever the means that spurred the accident. In addition, dental phobia can begin if the situation is rushed and done in a less than perfect manner. The proper pediatric dentist and children’s dentist offices will be properly educated and equipped to deal with any children’s needs.

Whether you need care for yourself, an elderly parent or a young child, we encourage you to visit our office too see how we deal with patients. Spending some of your day to preview our office will give you the insight to know that you are making the right decision to begin a life-long relationship with an oral health practitioner.

You can reach out to us and schedule an appointment of simply ask more questions about dental issues in Toledo, Ohio through our contact form.