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We offer the community a full-service dentistry. What does that mean? It means that for the full spectrum of your family’s dental needs, you need go no further than our office. Conveniently located to facilitate your access, our office is state of the art and modern.

Whether you need routine care for your family ever six months or are desperately in need of some emergency type service, we are able to deliver the services you need. We are not a 24 hour dentist but do operate outside of the normal operating hours for other dentist near me. This is because flexibility is our goal. We know that not everything major happens between normal business hours.

If special care is needed when our office is closed, our patients know a specific procedure through which they can receive the care they need.

pediatric dentist near meEmergency Children’s Dentist Near Me | Pediatric Dentist Near Me

You need a special kind of dentist to provide the services you need. When dealing with an emergency dentist, you need a professional that is knowledgeable and reactive the ongoing situation. One that remains calm and can keep the situation under control. When you are in need of emergency dental care, you don’t want to feel vulnerable. Not only in emergencies but all other times, we are straightforward and honest in our offerings. Just because you’re desperate for care, doesn’t mean your desperate for any kind of dentistry.

The same is true for kids dentist also. You want a dentist that is educated and can handle each situation independently. With children, an oral health care provider needs to provide services that you trust. In finding a smile dentist for kids, there are a few tips that can help facilitate the process:

  1. Get your child used to the office. Take them for a tour when you visit for your own needs. Tots don’t want surprises, even getting onto a chair that moves up and down and even reclines can be startling.
  2. Get them interested in the process. Tell them about a big comfy chair that they will have fun in!
  3. Use positive reinforcement. Make it a big deal that they successfully went through the appointment without a tantrum or tears. They need incentives to come back to the office!
  4. Work around their schedule. Does your child take a nap everyday at 10am? Don’t being them in at 9am!
  5. Read to them about dental journeys, Dora The Explorer has a great book on dentistry!affordable dental

Affordable Dentists & Dental Savings Plan

Another of our specialties is providing affordability! While we are able to command high prices because of our expertise, we believe that doing so is against our nature. Lots of times, those with cheap dental insurance plans don’t mind about the price, as most of it will be subsidized, but we take this consideration seriously.

As a result, if you are shopping around for prices for advanced treatments, give us a consideration on your list. But don’t just compare prices. Its all about the value. This means finding patient testimonials and reviews on third party sites that show quality care and results in addition to value!

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  • Affordable holistic dentistry
  • Affordable partial dentures


Basic and major dental works are those that help restore your teeth and the underlining structures that ensure overall dental health. This process of restoring your oral health means removing cavities and replacing with fillings, replacing broken or lost teeth with various dental appliances.

For replacement teeth, there are several methods that have come and gone with the change in decades. As of now, there about a handful of options that are applicable to many different patient scenarios. You might have a good idea of what treatment you can, but the truth is that only an oral healthcare professional can really diagnose and recommend a particular procedure based on a consultation and a review of dental records.

Our offerings including dental implants procedure cost affordability, denture implants, teeth bonding, root canals, bridges, extractions, gum disease treatments, among others.

cheap dental insurance plansCost Of Dental Implants

Through our contact page, we get many questions. Some of the more popular questions are about the price of implants and restorations. These are nearly impossible to offer via the internet, as each case is different. Some patients’ mouths are more difficult to implement a solution than others. We recommend searching online for a general price, but coming into our office for free personal consultation. Other dentists who provide estimates without seeing your mouth are not doing the proper due diligence on your oral situation.

Some questions we get are below, and you will see how vague they are and can imagine how hard they are to address with a good answer!

  • “My dentist is quoting me really high on dental bridge cost. What are your rates like and are they better than dental implant cost?”
  • “I’ve heard your office delivers quality crowns with low dental crown cost. Is this true and what price range can I expect?”
  • “I have been told that I have an infected tooth and am shopping for the best tooth extraction cost in North Las Vegas. Do you give estimates- what can I expect?”

gingivitis symptomsExtractions

Before a tooth implant is available, a tooth must be removed! We remove teeth for many reasons, most often gum disease and tooth infection. Emergency situations are common as well, when a person suffers a kind of trauma.

What is a root canal? A root canal is not quite an extraction, but rather a removal of the interior pulp of a tooth. Usually because infection, this material needs to be removed before it spreads to the gums, jaw, and other teeth. A root canal cost can be unexpected and hard to deal with, but the longer term costs and issues are much steeper if left untreated.

Tooth extractions can be for all types of teeth. We remove the crown and the root, allowing for the gums to cover themselves in a healing period that is different for all patients. Wisdom teeth removal is another type of extraction that is more intense. The size and location of the teeth make is a invasive and tricky solution.

Again like other restorative works, if you have been flagged for wisdom tooth extraction, its best to handle immediately. As the wisdom teeth mature, they become more firmly planted in the jaw. This also leads to the disruption of your current oral situation (impaction).

Gum Health

wisdom teeth removalThe base of the teeth is the gum. Like all other things in the world that have a supporting structure, you must ensure the foundation is strong. Extreme tooth pain, bad breath, teeth cavities, and your seeking of pain relief for toothache may indicate that there is an underlining issue with your gums.

Gums are kept healthy through oral hygiene and careful control of the diet. Gum disease becomes an issue after many months and years of developing bacteria, plaque, and tartar. Another name for gum disease is periodontal disease. Before needing periodontal disease treatment surgery, you will have time to diagnose and cure the issue. Gingivitis symptoms can be spotted by a dentist at routine oral exams- one of the reasons why scheduled care is so important!

The gingivitis cure is by methodical teeth cleaning, fluoride treatments, and your diligent adoption of oral hygiene habits that facilitate the careful maintenance of your oral health.

Dentist Teeth Whitening Cost

To find a cosmetic dentist, you need to locate one who has excelled at restorations and preventive care, as these are both fundamental components of creating a beautiful smile. Our office offers all types of restorative works with a cosmetic component. All of the restorations we deal with are highly attractive.

For those patients who are looking to take their smile to the next level, we offer sensitive teeth bleaching. How much is teeth whitening will depend solely on the current condition of your oral health and the types of stains you have currently. There are two different types of stains, extrinsic and intrinsic stains. Laser teeth whitening is our solution for deep intrinsic stains.

If you’re looking for over the counter products, we can recommend a few options that will help your type of stains, eg. carbamide peroxide teeth whitening.

Besides whitening teeth solutions, we also craft magnificent smiles with veneers.

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