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At our state of the art dentist office, we differentiate our services by providing the most cutting edge dental works at incredible value. Working alongside dental discount plans and providing dental discounts to those without supplemental dental insurance we provide a variety of dental care that meets all families’ needs and budgets.

find a pediatric dentist near meWhen looking for a general dental practice in your local area, you want to be sure and find an office that can service every single need you will potentially have in the near future. This is because with your dentist, you should be building a bond. Because of the trust that is inherent in the relationship with your medical health professionals, building a long-term relationship will only deepen this trusting bond.

For this reason we have been able to build a quality practice in which we have been able to top the local dentist reviews with kind words from our patients, current and past. The past patients we’ve had are those who either move out of Michigan or have changed dental insurance and no longer are in-network. Because of the importance that affordable dental care has in our patients’ lives, we have attempted to build the largest collaborative effort of partnerships with providers in the city.

You may be wondering what kind of services we offer.

Procedures | What Is A Root Canal? What is Periodontal Disease?

The services we offer cover the full spectrum of oral healthcare. From preventive medical treatments like exams and checkups that ensure you are in good oral standing to restorative works that repair broken teeth to cosmetic dentistry which will give you a new brilliant smile.

veneers teeth costCosmetic Dentistry We offer porcelain veneers and are known in town as one of the top teeth whitener teams around.

Dental Restorations As our cosmetic skills have spread to all aspects of our practice, we are able to create missing teeth implants, denture implants, partial dentures, and dental crown procedures with miraculous beauty and appeal. Losing a tooth to decay or breakage is not something to worry about anymore. The modern era has arrived when people are choosing to have their natural teeth replaced with dental implant cost accessibility. Restorative works include questions like ‘what is a root canal cost going to run me’ or the wondering about the issues that lead to receding gums.

Routine Dental Services By far the majority of our day to day operations involve basic dental services that include: teeth cleaning, x-rays, exams, and evaluations to ensure our patients are not on a path to dental diseases or advanced and complex treatments.

Emergency Dental Care Services These kind of services deal with issues that you might have when: an emergency dental extraction is needed from intense tooth pain caused by decay or an abscessed tooth, a tooth break from active trauma, serious trauma from biting cheeks or the tongue, or when gum health is creating serious health issues.

We provide information for all kinds of common issues that people are having. Those questions regarding payments, costs, causes, and treatments.


dentists near meWe take great pride in our referrals and recommendations. Keeping our praises in our patients daily conversations has been a great blessing and a reason we are proud to do what we do, day in day out. Here are some of the recommendations we have received both in person at the office and some that are available on various independent directory review sites.

  • “We were new to the city and had no idea of the quality dentists near me and my family that was offering a 24 hour dentist office. Thankfully we found your page online and you helped my husband with how to whiten teeth caps and find bad breath remedies. 5 of 5 stars!!” –David R.
  • “Thanks for the flexibility!! I searched Google to ‘find a pediatric dentist near me’ because my child was finally teething and I was considering all the dental offices near me. Nancy at the front desk was sooo helpful in helping me figure out how does Medicare cover dental. You were the only dentist open on Sunday.” Elaine T
  • “Thanks is not enough!! After years of neglecting my teeth, I did tons of research into local dentists and the cost of dental implants and gum disease treatment. Your office was willing to help me through every step of the way from research to follow up appointments. I am so proud to display your works around town!” Melanie E.
  • “Veneers teeth cost less here than they did in Florida where my wife got hers done. Don’t tell her but I think mine look better!” Flavio C.


Root Canal Pain

Most people hear root canal and freak out. With our use of sedation dentistry, this procedure is nothing to fear. Toothache and tooth decay pain are the result of bacteria and cavities and mean that a root canal might be necessary to save the tooth. We can offer remedies for toothache but the final solution might be to remove the soft tissue inside the tooth. We also use sleep dentistry for wisdom tooth extraction.

Dentures and Implants

Once a tooth is removed we can implement dental implants with cost that you can handle! The solutions are permanent and highly effective, you will forget that you have a fake tooth soon enough!

Other solutions to replacing a missing tooth are dental bridges and dentures. Dental bridge cost makes this a very practical solution to restoring a smile. It is minimally invasive, but unlike implants and a denture solution, it might feel a bit unnatural. The cost of affordable dentures is a good alternative to those patients that are seeking a complete overhaul of their smile. Dentures come in several options, ranging from partial to full solutions.

Gum Healthprofessional laser teeth whitening systems

Gingivitis and the signs of gum disease are easily detectable by a professional at a routine exam. For this reason, we highly suggest visiting our office regularly, every six months at the least, for exams.

Dry mouth can also be an indicator to other dental illnesses like dental gum infection or periodontal disease. The gum disease cure that we implement in office takes some time to reverse but is fairly straightforward with no pain on your end. Usually, gum diseases that are caught early enough can be treated by removing the existing plaque and tartar and using a fluoride mouthwash treatment for some months. It takes time to reverse, but if identified early, you will avoid complex gum grafts and gum surgeries!

Cosmetic Dentistry

In addition to all the basic and major works we perform in office, we are experts in cosmetic dentistry also. With Lumineers, veneer teeth, and professional laser teeth whitening systems we are the smile dental experts in Michigan. Our tooth whitener solution is something that only the most innovative and high-tech dental practices are implementing.

Schedule Your First Appointment Now

In your walk in dentist search, you need to consider why a dentist has walk-in services available. A dentist that is not fully booked does not have appointments for a reason. For this reason, when considering visiting our office, we suggest that you book appointments in advance, not leaving issues to the last minute when they become an urgent matter causing you to find an emergency dentist.

Our staff is friendly, welcoming, and knowledgeable about all aspects of your oral health, dental insurance plans, and follow up treatments.

From the moment you step into the office, we’re confident you will decide we are the dentist for you. If you’re searching for the right for an oral health professional, we suggest visiting a few offices to get a feel for the way things operate there. This is why we offer free initial visits- to give you confidence about what de do at our office.

Browsing the rest of our site will give you insight into the way we handle procedures and what kind of services we offer our patients. There is a Restorative Works page, a Cosmetics Page, a Preventive Works page, and finally a Request Appointment page where you can fill out a form and reach out to us.