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If you live in Arklatexoma, you know that our culture is heavily embedded in trusting and quality long-term relationships. Having grown up in this area ourselves, we know there is no other way for us to provide family dentistry dental care than with passion, trust, and value.

We are a collaborator with dental plans for individuals and a provider to families around Caddo Parish as a pediatric dentist. Knowing how to treat both elderly adults and young children is a skill we’ve perfected as a result of having many knowledgeable and experienced dentists in the office. We know how to help guide children through the nerve-racking process of becoming acquainted with dental practices. Also, we can smooth your nerves when it comes to paying the tab by providing excellent supplemental dental insurance.

local dentist near meDental offices near me claim to be experts in a wide range of dental procedures, but their skills and experience don’t quite match what their results provide. Our practice has dentists that have specialized and studied several kinds of dental niches, allowing us to truly offer all the dental services you will ever need. Not having to run around town trying to find a provider that works with your dental discount plans will be something worth avoiding.

As you’ll find detailed on our webpage, we have provided excellent solutions for those in the Metropolitan Area. You’ll find information on Preventive Dental Care, Restorative Works, and Cosmetic Dentistry. Browse the pages of our site to learn more about us, and if there are any questions you can find a contact form on the Contact Page.

Affordable Dentist Office Near Me and Cheap Dental Insurance Plans

In order to best serve our city and local community, we work with all major dental providers with the largest employers in the area. As a result, we have built a large family of patients who are neighbors, friends, and employees who all share a common bond. Apart from browsing the web and the in-network data sheet provided by your insurance provider, asking friends and family for their recommendations are an excellent source of information.

To be successful in providing care for all these families, we needed to provide a comprehensive dental practice.

This resulted in group of educated and friendly dentists that provide all the oral health care you can imagine. Below is a list of the kinds of treatments we offer in office, all of the other kinds of oral care treatments we offer fall into one of these three categories.

  • teeth-whiteningRoutine Oral Healthcare: Teeth cleanings, exams, evaluations, sealants,  addressing symptoms of gingivitis and x-rays
  • Basic Dental Care: Root canal, fillings, treating the signs of gingivitis, gum disease treatment, periodontitis solutions, tooth extraction
  • Major Works: low cost dental implants, bridgework, crowns, affordable dentures, orthodontics

Apart from the three basic groups, we also offer cosmetic works. These are those treatments that have no purpose other than helping you reach the aesthetic level of teeth you always dreamed about. Our main solutions for beautifying the smile are veneers and teeth whitening..

Affordable Dental Tooth Implant Procedure Cost

When speaking of restorative works, the most common questions that are asked are about the types of dental implants and what are dental implants cost. This is very important to our patients in the local community because most people will experience the loss of a tooth or several in their lifetimes.

affordable denturesLuckily, our treatments and tools are cutting edge and we are able to provide a valuable service in tooth replacement and restoring your mouth. It used to be that if a tooth was extracted, only the richest families and individuals could afford to return to a fully white smile. Now, all demographics can have a nicely formed smile even after suffering a lost tooth or teeth.

In addition to permanent teeth implants, we work with permanent dentures (full and partial) and bridges.

Healthy Gums & What Causes Bad Breath

Everything that goes on in the mouth whether it be good or bad, is built upon the care that you provide for the supporting structures of the teeth. Your gums and jaw are those structures that need to be taken care of diligently in order to preserve the teeth, avoid gum disease and trips to the emergency dentist for excruciating pain.

Care is provided to the mouth by brushing and flossing daily. This means brushing and flossing after eating (when possible) and watching your diet. Staying away from sugars and sweets really helps to avoid gingivitis, which is a precursor to periodontal disease. These are diseases of the gums, something that is brought on by lack of oversight of your gum health. Bacteria grows into plaque and tartar, which in turn thrive in the gum pockets just below the teeth crowns.

Once your mouth has loads of bacteria, treatment will be invasive, costly, and painful. It’s best just to participate in our preventive approach to dental care, avoiding diseases altogether.

dental emergencyPart of the preventive approach to oral care is scheduling dentist appointments regularly every six months. The average patient is good for a six month gap between appointments, more at risk patients should do every three to four, and those with the best oral care habits can do around one year between visits.

At these visits, we do all the routine oral care treatments that we mentioned in the a few sections up. These are general assessments of your teeth and will make sure that you are not developing any issues. Insurance companies will try to get you to participate in these appointments by paying for all of the costs because they truly prevent the development of dental diseases!

With periodic xrays, we can see how a young adult’s teeth are growing in, and if they are at risk for impacted growth of wisdom teeth. As wisdom teeth grow in, sometimes they do so at awkward angles that negatively impact the surround teeth. Kind of like when one car parks awkwardly in a confined parking area and subsequently affect the parking of the rest of the cars, so too do wisdom teeth cause a jam in the mouth.

Wisdom tooth extraction done in office can be a breeze! Recovery is heavily dependent on your body, ranging from one day out of work/school to one week! Taking periodic care of the teeth will help you evade emergency dental situations that will not be pleasant for the mouth or for the pocket.

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Once you’ve gotten all caught up with restorative works like root canals, fillings, or replacement of past oral implants and gotten on our page in terms of preventive oral habits, then can you consider cosmetic dentistry.

gum diseaseOur patients are most commonly displeased with the state of the whiteness of their teeth. For whatever reason their teeth have become a bit more yellowed, we can quickly and easily reverse this problem with professional bleaching.

Often times there is more going on than just dull colored teeth. After years of assorted dental works and the grinding down of teeth in addition to slight yellowing, we just want a whole new canvas! This is possible with veneer teeth replacements and Lumineers porcelain sheets.

Don’t Wait Until a Dental Emergency

Do you agree with our smile dental plan of preventive care? This is how we have implemented great results with our patients and why we have become their recommended professional in our area. We recently moved and upgraded our office to provide enough space for our whole new set of dentistry tools and child dedicated space!

To understand how we collaborate with dental insurance agencies, contact us! To learn more about restoration and the best kinds of dental implanted teeth, contact us! To learn more about how gingivitis can lead to overall health degradation, send us a message!

To schedule your free introductory dentist appointment, you only need to send us your contact information and we can begin communicating about your oral health needs.