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A full service dental practice for family care in Johns Creek. Our goal is to provide families around Fulton County with care for everyday needs in addition to solutions to complex dental needs. Having worked in the Atlanta area for many years, we have found our ideal patients live and work this community.

What kind of an affordable dentist office are we?

We are a emergency dental care clinic for when those unexpected accidents happen and you are looking for a kid dentist near me. Our collaboration with many insurance providers makes us a prime target for families around the area who have bridge dental coverage or other types of cheap dental plan insurance solutions.

We provide solutions and valuable insight to those patients who are seeking answers to grinding teeth, bad breath remedies, toothache and severe tooth pain.

We offer the following Preventive and Basic Dental Works

  • Infected root canal therapykid dentist near me
  • Routine and emergency tooth extraction
  • Gingivitis treatment
  • Repair of a broken tooth
  • Denture Repair
  • Teeth replacement
  • Low teeth cleaning cost

Major works that we offer in office are both restorative and cosmetic works:

  • Affordable dental tooth implant cost
  • Dental surgery
  • Low teeth implants cost
  • Reasonable porcelain veneers cost
  • In office professional teeth whitening by dentist

Pediatric Dentist Near Me | 24 Hour Emergency Dentist

pediatric dentist near meAs a family pediatric dentistry, part of our services are focused especially on child care. Caring for children is a unique skill in and of itself. From the moment a child is first brought to the dental office, there is a minimum level of service that we follow to make their experience as enjoyable as possible. It is in this effort that children will enjoy coming in to the office and will develop their own sense of importance for oral health. Thus, spawning a lifetime of dental habits that are conducive to maintaining optimal overall health.

Of the pediatric dentist near me, we have the most well equipped office with not only state of the art equipment but also warm, colorful, and welcoming ambiance. As a 24 hour emergency dentist, collaboration with dental plans for individuals and dental discount plans is mandatory to provide care to our patients. We believe that affordable low cost dental care should be available to everyone in the area. For this reason, we do not refuse services to patients who need to formulate a payment plan.

Dental Office Near Me & Dental Payment Plans

If you’re looking for a new oral health care professional, there are many considerations to take into account before selecting the new office for you and your family. We suggest visiting all potential offices and seeing the office for yourself. Meet with the team and get a general impression of the person you will trust your oral health to for many years. Use the following as a guide to score the office you visit; this applies to us as well!

  • symptoms of gingivitisWhat is their office like? Sterile and bland? Warm and welcoming? What about the
    equipment- do the chairs look new and the tools look state of the art?
  • Does the front desk staff understand the complexities of your dental insurance companies? What about in fabricating payment plans for a treatment? Do they have knowledge about dental procedures and are they willing to answer questions about anything you need to figure out?
  • What is the education of the dentist? Any specializations that are directly applicable to your dental history or treatments you are considering?
  • Where is the office located and does this facilitate your daily life? Shuttling kids from school to the office can be a time drain, it’s important that the office is convenient for your needs.
  • What do current and past patients have to say about their experiences? Can you find dental reviews that provide insight? What about personal referrals- can you get any?
  • What is operating procedure for scheduled visits and emergency scenarios?
  • Do you like the dentist? Are they straightforward, direct, and personable?

What Is A Root Canal Procedure?

Often times, the soft tissue inside of a tooth will become infected or otherwise need to be removed because it has been exposed in a breakage of the tooth or other reasons. During a root canal, patients’ soft-tissue is removed. This essentially hollows out the tooth in question, leaving it to be disinfected and filled up with composite resin material. A dental crown or some type of bonding can cover the missing section and leave the tooth highly aesthetically attractive.

Teeth root canal cost will be covered under the basic and major dental coverage brackets, usually up to 80%. The cost of root canal therapy will be further dependent on the type of tooth and what it’s circumstances are, cost will vary depending on your situation.

couple_in_living_room_smilingGum Disease and Preventive Care

Gum disease is an advanced development of gingivitis. Essentially a disease that occurs in the gums from an overdevelopment of bacteria, plaque and tartar. This stuff grows when teeth are not routinely cleaned, especially in the hard to reach areas and in the harder to reach crevices. This is why oral hygiene is so crucial, brushing, flossing, and maintaining a good calendar of dental visits!

Symptoms of gingivitis come slowly but make themselves much more pronounced as time develops. Inflammation of the gums, bleeding, sore gums, and even toothaches can develop. After a light infection, gingivitis develops into full blown periodontal disease. At this stage reversal to gum health is more expensive and takes much longer. Dental emergency costs for untreated gum disease will startle you.

Wisdom Teeth

What are wisdom teeth? They are four additional molars that grow during the years in which we are considered to become wise, late adolescence. Wisdom teeth removal is suggested for some patients that can only be identified beforehand through X-rays and by a dentist. An oral health provider may see that the teeth are growing in at an unfavorable angle that might compromise the positioning of the rest of the mouth.

A wisdom tooth extraction is usually a planned procedure. Rarely does discomfort for the teeth push someone into having them extracted on the spot. Even in this situation, the treatment will be pushed back for a later date after carful planning has taken place.

Restorative Dental Works And The Cost of Dental Implantsaffordable dentures

When teeth are removed, there are many solutions to replace the missing piece and get the smile back to normal. The cost of dental implant procedures varies, as there are several different kinds and modifications, variance between patients’ health and situations. Patients ask us quite often about how much are dental implants cost and we can really on estimate based on an in-office examination. We don’t like to oversell or undersell our services based on a request for information. This is why we offer free consultations for implant estimates in addition to all other major dental treatments.


Permanent affordable dentures are an excellent solution to patients who are anxious about full dental implants but want a solution to replace their full set of teeth. Molded to perfection and held in place by a denture adhesive, they offer a comfortable removable dental appliance that looks great.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Beyond adding a touch of cosmetics to every one of our dental procedures, we also do uniquely cosmetic treatments that improve your smile. How to whiten teeth with bleaching methods is a strategy that we have utilized time and time again over the years. Teeth whitening is a treatment that keeps patients with attractive smiles that have seemed to deteriorate over the years.

Teeth whitening cost is usually around $500 for a full mouth treatment that will span two dental visits. This is a rough approximation, and can be more or less depending on special circumstances. We use only the best quick teeth whitening products and offer follow ups to retain the pearly white shine that you will achieve with the process.

Lumineers and veneers are available in office for those patients who are looking for more than just a standard touch up of white shades. More than whitening, veneers can reshape the smile into your ideal formation.

Dentist in Johns Creek, Georgia

For more information on any of the treatments we’ve discussed here we’ve included other pages on our site. If anything is left questionable, reach out to us. Please reach out to schedule an appointment, no matter how urgent. You can send us an email through our contact form.