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In Lee County, there countless dentists who can provide excellent care. We are proud to count ourselves amongst this crowd. As highly acclaimed dental practices go, we thrive on feedback and testimonials from our clients. To see some of the experiences that our patients have had with us, we urge you to read their reviews. We take their words seriously and have reformulated many of our operations to improve our services.

Our Staff Specialties

family and pediatric dentistryFront desk operations that expertly and efficiently handle the best dental plans and dental insurance for seniors. Explaining payment plans, financing, and scheduling are among the skills that our reception staff have developed over the years. Providing a welcoming smile and administering professional detail to personal records. Dealing with cheap dental insurance can be a frustrating experience, but our staff handles them with ease and patience, carefully explaining the reasoning for every step along the way.

Dental hygienists who handle and educate on gum problems and oral hygiene. Lab techs who can take feedback and the needs of patients to implement denture repair that will make a world of difference. As you will learn as our patient, oral hygiene is at the center piece of our dental offering.

Pediatric dentistry that handles the needs as younger patients with the same professionalism and respect that is given to adults and elders. Knowing full well that habits developed in youth are those skills that are carried into adulthood, maintaining teeth for years and years. With a walk in kids dentist you need to be sure that they adequately educated and able to provide this specialized care.

Emergency dentist services that take a stressful situation and calm the nerves with quick and timely services. Providing flexibility to allow for patients with immediate needs be services is one of our strong suits. Lots of accidents happen in waterways that is Waterfront Wonderland, and we’ve handled our fair share of dental emergencies.

Affordable Emergency Dental & Cheap Dental Insurance

affordable local dentist near meBeing prepared for any situation is a great idea for those who cannot stand to be burdened with large medical bills. Dental discounts are one of our offerings to patients who are also looking for a walk in dental clinic to provide immediate services.

When you’re shopping around town for your future dental professional, be sure to ask a dentist about their methods for providing cost effective services. Having dental insurance is a great way to understand the most important pieces of oral health. Providers will emphasize care for preventive and routine dental care.

Dental Plans – Checking in Regularly

Even when you think that all things are running smooth, your dental situation may not be in such great standing. Tartar, plaque, and bacteria thrive in the small crevices that are hard to see and get to. Gingivitis needs to be addressed early before the disease morphs into advanced periodontal disease.

Visiting the dentist every six months will help you prevent complex diseases that will be difficult or painful to treat and cost a pretty penny. Preventing problems before they develop is the key to preventive care. This is especially important for children. You must take certain care of children to introduce them to the things that go on in the dental office.

Addressing bleeding gums and inflammation is crucial. Not visiting a dentist in time will lead to periodontitis. Other kinds of preventive care include bad breath remedies and cleaning teeth regularly. Beyond preventive care we can handle restorations and treatments that will get your smile the care it deserves.

Restorative- Removing and Replacing Teeth

When you are experiencing the need for dental restoration, finding a walk in dental clinic can be tough. Even if you don’t care to visit the dentist regularly, it is important that an office in your area has your dental records and histories, allowing for more accurate treatment when a situation arises.

Removing Teeth and Handling The Cost Of Root Canal

dental insurance for seniorsTeeth can be removed for many reasons: tooth decay and cavities, trauma, infected soft-tissue, damaged pulp, gum disease, etc. With American dental extraction coverage, removing a tooth that needs to taken our rapidly is a breeze.

Emergency tooth extraction cost can be administered by a walk in dentist but this is reactionary. Being knowledgeable and knowing what treatments you will incur in the future is the best strategy. By treating your mouth to an exam often, we can let you know what kind of dental works should be on your immediate radar.

Root canal cost means that we remove the interior soft-tissue of the tooth. In an effort to retain the natural tooth, a root canal needs to be implemented rapidly and with no faults. This treatment can be resolved with the use of a filling or dental crowns cost.

Another extraction that is often planned is wisdom teeth removal. This is a treatment that will remove growing wisdom teeth before their massive size can cause detrimental effects to the rest of the mouth.


If you experience broken tooth pain, dental crown discount plans can be an immediate and long-term solution to repairing a damaged tooth. The dental crown cost is a terrific solution if the a large portion of the tooth remains. Porcelain crowns look just as good as natural teeth. False white teeth are extremely attractive because of the leaps and bounds that dental innovations have made in the 2000’s.


If you have lost a tooth or several, replacing them can be quick and easy with the treatments we administer in our practice. Some solutions can be implemented in one or two visits, others like dental implant cost more and take a longer period of time to be implemented.

Most simple is dental bridges. This is a minimally invasive technique of using supporting teeth to hold an crown in place. We implement many strategies and can provide dental implants cost help because we believe that this is a the longest lasting, most aesthetic, and comfortable treatment.

For a full mouth solution to replacing teeth, permanent dentures cost are a more popular solution. After the teeth are all removed, a healing period takes place that allows the gums to recover. Then the affordable dentures are built reach our office ready to go.

Adhesive are used to hold the denture in place. This provides flexibility for removing the appliance.

How To Pick a Cosmetic Dentistry Dentist

american dental extraction coverageNot all dental practices administer cosmetic dental works. Our does, and we do it exceptionally well. Unlike restorative and preventive care, cosmetic dentists have to have some level of artistic ability. Sure, the techniques and tools are the base of the implementation, but brightening a smile takes experience, know-how, and a keen eye.

The best porcelain veneers cost will be heavily dependent on the ability of the dentist. Cheap solutions will be functional, but may lack the final glistening look you are looking for. For this reason you must seek porcelain veneers before and after pictures to see exactly what it is that dentists are implementing. While not all of our photos are available online, we do offer many in-office materials for you to view our patients’ results.

Teeth veneers cost is dependent on how your teeth currently are. Teeth that are nearly ideal will require less implementation needs like lab time, chair time, and overall application time. Estimates are hard to provide, but visiting us in office will allow us to give you a reasonable figure.

Professional teeth whitening is something else that we’ve mastered in office. Patients come to us by recommendation from around the county to have their smiles brightened. Other teeth whitening products produce results that our patients are happy with, and cost much less than an in-office visit. We can suggest over the counter products that will help with your exact stain situation, eg. luster teeth whitening.

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Our practice provides comprehensive care for restorations, preventive dental care, and for getting those smiles pristine with cosmetics. Our goal is to provide ideal care for children, adults, and elders we are understanding of all types of specialized needs.

If you have current dental needs, address them soon. Procrastinating and allowing a dental issue to worsen will cost you money, time, and unnecessary discomfort. You can reach us for an appointment of for any questions you may have through our contact form. We answer questions about oral health, appointments, insurance coverage, anything about teeth!