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At our community family dentistry, our patient’s health and comfort is our number one priority. All of the team members in our office are dedicated to giving the patients the type of comprehensive care in a relaxed environment that they deserve.

Starting with the first exam, we take time to understand our patients’ objectives and their goals for their oral health. We pay careful attention to your opinion and look through your dental health history to provide extended care and services to address your previous oral treatments.

Our approach to dentistry is very simple and one that all of our patients come to accept and appreciate. It begins with General Dentistry and hygienic attention and maintenance for your teeth. Restorative care can replace missing teeth or otherwise return your smile and the function of your mouth to a minimum acceptable level. Issuing preventive dental care is much more effective at maintain oral health than is dealing with dental diseases if and when they arise!

family dentalWe are quite reputable in Connecticut because our patients happily spread the word and preach our services to their friends and family. We are well known around New Haven for offering the best types of restorations and cosmetic dentistry. When you go to find a local dentist you want to find a dental clinic that is able to provide a wide array of dental care and services. This saves you headache of having to find dentists better able to provide the treatments you need when the time arises.

Our dedication to cosmetically pleasing restorations is one of the reasons we keep our patients for many generations. Our cosmetic works are able to elevate the smiles of our patients from average to stunning.

Our dedication to dentistry stands beyond providing care and is based on completing many hours of advance and continued education. Staying up to date with state-of-the-art treatments and techniques to implement oral healthcare is the way we deliver the care that has come to be expected of us.

find a local dentistThe kinds of works that we offer are:

Preventive Care And Family Dentistry These are those dental strategies that help evade the development of disease, decay, and other issues than cause restorative works. Staying on top of preventive dentistry is integral to being cost conscious and keeping lifetime dental costs low.

  • X Rays
  • Oral Exams & Teeth Cleaning
  • Sealants

Family Cosmetic Dentistry Patients of all ages are able to improve the look of their smile with simple and effective cosmetic procedures.

  • Veneers
  • Lumineers
  • Fillings
  • Porcelain Crowns
  • Porcelain Bridges
  • Most Effective Teeth Whitening

Affordable Implant Dentist Whether in an emergency situation or a planned installation, a dental implant is a wonderful solution to restoring the smile. They are the most modern and complete way to implement a full mouth restoration.

  • Tooth Implant
  • Dental Implants dentures

Periodontal Disease Treatment Diagnosing and treating gum disease is part of our offering as oral health practitioners. We can help offer ways and methods to prevent the development of gingivitis. We also help reverse gingivitis before is reaches irreversible levels.

Restorations Restorative dental works are the most common treatments that we implement to help patients reverse their dental issues and recover a strong and healthy smile.

  • Dental Reconstructionsymptoms of gingivitis
  • Teeth Filling
  • Dental Crown
  • Affordable Dental Dentures & Partial Dentures
  • Dental Bridges
  • Root Canal Treatment Cost
  • Abscessed Tooth Treatment
  • Cracked Tooth
  • Laser Dentistry
  • Tooth Pain Relief
  • Tooth Extraction
  • Tooth Replacement
  • Wisdom Teeth Removal
  • Sleep Dentistry

Types of Care

  • 24 Hour Dentist Providers
  • Family Emergency Dentist
  • Pediatric Dentistry
  • Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry

The Office | Pediatric Dentist Near Me

We want our office to be a sanctuary. A warm and welcoming office that you can look forward to going to. We crafted the office exactly how we think we can best provide care for our patients. This means a pleasant environment for patients and one that provides the staff with most efficiency. Other dentists near me do not consider the needs of their patients, not do they work to provide a welcoming environment.

In a family dental practice, it is crucial to provide special care to children and toddlers. Pediatrics is special because kids can be especially hesitant about attending appointments.

Discount Dental Plans

In order to best serve our community, we are extremely flexible in providing flexible payment strategies for all patients. Different needs and budgets mean that dental discount plans can help subsidize parts of your oral healthcare. Moreover, some of our patients have no insurance and can still get the care they need. In working with our payment specialist, we can find payment options even for emergency dental care services. We can also consult patients on how to get  dental insurance and their best options according to unique objectives.

The payment plans that we develop can help you to afford the treatments that we implement. We can help with:

  • Dental crowns cost
  • Dental bridge cost
  • Price of dental implants
  • Cost of affordable dentures
  • Price of teeth whitening processes

cost of affordable denturesDental Reconstruction Plan & Dental Implants Cost

We excel in helping all patients with their anxieties. A candidate for cosmetic and restorative works can often be a bit hesitant, because some of the implant works are invasive. We can help patients relax by fully educating and explaining the procedures that will take place. This helps patients understand the steps.

A full rehabilitation of the mouth can be experienced with many different solutions all working in collusion. We are able to provide a unique treatment that is fit for your needs exactly. A highly customizable plan can include affordable dental implants, dentures cost, veneers and bridges.

Titanium implants are at the basis of dental implant cost. The cost of dental implants and a total restoration can be a solution that is ideal for patients with: dental deformities, broken or chipped teeth, tooth decay that has impacted many teeth, gum disease, stained teeth, misaligned bite and teeth that have eroded over the years.

We receive lots of questions about same day dental teeth implants, but this is just a type of bait and switch method of marketing by other dentists. The cost of teeth implants is high because it takes a long time to be implemented. The root procedure alone takes months to heal and be integrated by the gums.

The crown that is implanted will replace the pre-existing tooth like magic. Implants are highly functional and definitely look just as good, if not better than the teeth you originally had! There is minimal maintenance on our end, just normal scheduled visits to the office. All you have to do is perform normal oral hygiene. Pain in implant tooth during the procedure is eradicated due to the usage of sedation dentistry.

How To Whiten Teethteeth whitening process

Yellow teeth and heavily stained ones can lower self-esteem and negatively impact confidence. First impressions can be highly valuable and often times one of the first things people notice is a smile. Our practice offers the most innovative and current treatments that are available to patients for methods to whiten teeth. Our in office procedure will give you a brilliant and Hollywood types smile that you will be ready to show off in one or two quick visits.

Some patients do not need expensive in office procedures and might be better off with teeth whitening pen, teeth whitening strips, teeth whitening trays, and even the best whitening toothpaste all available over the counter.

How much is teeth whitening is highly dependent on the types of stains that you have on your teeth. Intrinsic and extrinsic stains are very different and will dictate the type of treatment that we suggest you pursue.

The types of stains that are treatable with teeth whitening methods are:  stains from tobacco use, coffee and wine stains, fruit stains from berries and beets, stains from aging, and stains from certain types of medications and infections. Results that are experienced from our whitening treatments can last two or more years when you are active in maintaining the ideal type of dental hygiene and oral care standards.

What is Periodontal Disease? Is it a dental emergency?

Periodontal disease can be known by many names.  First it is developed in the early stages and known as gingivitis, and later it progresses into gum disease.  This is a buildup of plaque and bacteria that is not removed or cleaned habitually from the teeth and gum surface.  In addition to a lack of overall oral hygiene other causes may be: tobacco use, grinding of the teeth, genes, and side effects of medication. This gum infection can lead to chronic bad breath.

If gingivitis is left untreated it will progress into gum disease. At this stage reversal may not be possible and can lead to loss of teeth and bone structure.  The best way to prevent the development of gum disease is by adopting the best oral healthcare standards by brushing, flossing, and visiting our office regularly for checkups.

Some symptoms of gingivitis and of gum disease are: sensitive teeth, teeth ache bleeding gums, tooth pain, loss of teeth, receding gums, and swollen and red gums.

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What left is there to say? We want to put a smile on your face! We offer free consultations and introductory visits so that we can meet and get to know one another.


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