Find A Local Dentist Near Me Open On Sunday in Lakewood, CO

When trying to find a family and kids dental office in our community, or any community really, you’ve got your work cut out for you. The kind of dental practice that we are:

  • emergency dentists near meAn affordable 24 hour dentist who provides dental work around the clock. Whether for emergencies or inability to get to our office during your work day, we understand that dentistry needs to be available at all times for different schedules.
  • We are the solution when asking yourself, “where can I find a childrens dentist near me that makes getting the kids out of school most convenient?”
  • In addition we are highly trained in pediatric dentistry and have cared for hundreds of children who are now adults trusting their kids’ care to us.
  • In order to implement the most current and technologically advanced treatments, we only use the newest dental supplies that support our innovative and progressive procedures.
  • We would not claim to be a holistic dentist office, but we know that sometimes the best home remedies for a toothache far outweigh the benefits of prescription medication.
  • We can gladly work alongside dental discount plans or can advise you on how to buy dental insurance for yourself or the whole family.
  • Of all the emergency dentists near me, we are the most able to provide calm and professional service without inconveniencing our normal operation schedule.

Our practice is ever evolving. Had we remained the same practice we were when we initially opened decades ago, we’d have gone out of business and been looking for a new profession. In order to meet the needs of our evolving clientele, we found that staying on top of the innovations in dentistry was the only way. As a result, we are members of numerous dental associations around the country focused on different niches.

These associations and the seminars and conferences we attend help keep us on top the newest treatments and strategies to protect, maintain, and better your oral health.

Whether its been ages since your last appointment and are worried about several growing issues in your oral cavity, or you’re just looking for partner for your dental insurance plan, we suggest you contact us for your first appointment.

teeth whiteningFirst Appointment Treatments | Kids Dental Office Lakewood

At your first appointment, we will first introduce you to the staff and get you to understand the way the office works. The front desk staff, receptionists, scheduling, hygienists, assistants and oral health specialists all serve a unique purpose in our office day in and day out. Understanding who does what will give you a better idea of how we can help you.

First, we will try to correct any issues you have developed since your last dentist visit. Going back retroactively to correct appliances or dental works that have not stood the test of time is done in this appointment. We will go through your dental history and see what your objectives are. At this point we both need to fully understand what your health provider is willing to cover. This allows for us to provide care that will extract the most benefits from your provider while giving you the service you’ve paid for.

At your first appointment we will be able to address things like:

  • We will identify the sources of pain and provide severe tooth pain relief or suggest some toothache remedies to hold you over until the next appointment.
  • In performing the exam, we will be able to see if you have gingivitis, the precursor to gum disease. These can cause things like swollen gums, inflammation, and overall pain when eating and drinking.teeth cleaning
  • Our hygienist will perform a teeth cleaning and we will perform xrays, and give a general oral evaluation.

The first appointment is just a checkup so that we both know what kind of situation your oral health is in. If you need further treatment, we will get you into our office as soon as possible in order to treat illnesses.

If tooth decay or cavities were identified during the initial visit, we will go ahead and perform a reasonable root canal cost and get you dental fillings in the same appointment.

What is a root canal? This is a procedure that we use to remove the soft-tissue inside of the tooth. Nerves, pulp, and veins can become infected and will need to remove the interior portion of the tooth. This procedure is relatively simple and leaves the mouth looking natural as if nothing had occurred.

If you are visiting us with a need for emergency dental care like a chipped or broken tooth, we can apply a dental bond or a temporary crown immediately to restore the smile and function of the mouth. If you decide on a more attractive or longer lasting solution, we may have to get you back in for a second appointment- allowing us to craft a porcelain crown. 

What is a dental crown? A crown is a procedure that we use to restore a smile that has lost a partial tooth because of trauma or decay. For a porcelain crown to be installed, the patient must still retain the majority of their original tooth, which is used as support for the new crown. Highly aesthetically pleasing and hardly ever detectable.

how much are veneers teethThe Cost of Implant Dentures & Tooth Bridge Implant Cost

We provide dental care for all types of situations and needs, as we have already declared those situations which can be done in one appointment, here are those that require more visits to the office. These kinds of procedures are those that require significant laboratory time. Fittings and installations both take one appointment individually, and then there are the follow up appointments. Here are some procedures that need more than one visit:

Denture implants repair and tooth implant procedure need to be fitted and installed in multiple appointments with long term check ups to ensure they are in good condition.

Teeth whitening can be done in one appointment, but generally we do them over two separate appointments, we use the laser whitening teeth method. Other cosmetic dentistry works will need a few visits as well, and that is in part why tooth veneer cost is relatively high. Multiple dental appointments and laboratory drive the price upwards. How much are veneers teeth will depend on your overall oral health and the situation of your existing teeth.

General tooth replacement such as: false gold teeth, dental implant cost, affordable dentures, and the dental bridge cost can all be thought to be a commitment to several appointments with us. If you are wondering about how much are dental implants costs, the reason the cost is so high is because our highly intricate attention over a period of months to ensure that the gums and jaw are healing correctly.

In addition, affordable dental implants pricing will be based on the final look and feel you are looking for. Beautiful implants will be much more than just passable implants. At this stage in the game, all implants meet a minimum level of function, what you are shopping around for is the artful interpretation of a dentist’s much are dental implants

Treatment of periodontal disease will take place over many months and many appointments. Reversing gum disease uses very straightforward methodology but is time intensive.

These procedures will likely use some kind of sedation dentistry to calm your nerves and allow us to do our job effectively.  In the case of wisdom teeth removal, we almost always use sleep dentistry.

Walk In Emergency Dentist & Dental Emergency Plans

Children suffer accidents that result in dental trauma far more often than adults. Because of their clumsiness and active lifestyle, we advise more patients to consider dental insurance plans that cover the possibility of emergencies. Being stuck with a bill for an accident is rough, and even though we try to provide affordable car, it still happens.

In closing, please browse our site, we’ve highlighted the most common procedures that we do on a daily basis for patients in our close-knit local community. For any question you may have about personal dental insurance, laser whitening, or tmj treatment, we are available for your inquiries. We believe in straightforward and informative assistance to our patients and their needs.

Contact us through the request appointment page for these inquiries or to schedule your first appointment.