Affordable Dentist Office Near Me in Fremont

For over two decades our clinic has been the preferred dentist in Fremont California. We dedicate ourselves in providing only the best and highest quality dentistry with all the comforts that you would feel in your own house.

We take a passion not only in dentistry but in every aspect of our lives. We are able to balance our craft to be gentle enough for those patients who have high levels of anxiety while simultaneously providing the most professional and premier dental treatments available in the greater Bay Area.

Our whole team is expertly trained in all the newest methods of treatments and the methods in which we can deliver the services. We guarantee that you will be able to leave the clinic with a health smile and a fresh outlook on life.

dentist office near meWe commit to this kind of service with an underlining objective of connecting on a deep level with our patients. We treat you as family, and we hope to be classified as such. Connecting to each patient allows us to learn the objectives that are unique to every individual person and to help further those goals. We are able to further those goals because we tirelessly continue to further our education and understanding of the dental industry. We participate in conferences, seminars, and lectures on the newest revelations in the dental field. Our journey to further our knowledge makes us some of the top dentists in the East Bay. We are well-experienced in surpassing our patients’ oral health expectations inside and outside of our office.

We are a dental emergency implant dentist that offers patients an emergency dental clinic for when unexpected things happen. Accidents can cause trauma that must be dealt with immediately, but also tooth pain can surge up out of nowhere and drive you into the office.

Childcare is also one of the fields we are well versed in. As a pediatric dentist for kids, we understand the special needs of children and the complexities with growing teeth. As teeth grow, it is crucial to monitor them and ensure that they are setting a child up with a strong foundation.

To offer restorations and specialty treatments like periodontal treatments and root canal therapy, we must also be a root canal dentist practice in addition to a medical gum dentist. This allows patients to visit our offices for a complete offering of oral health services.

Treatments that we offer cover the gambit. From preventive dental care like exams, cleanings and x-rays to more major works. Restorations and cosmetic dentistry are also those treatments that we have mastered. Years or experience and constantly staying up-to-date on the newest techniques, we send patients out of our office with a proud smile.

Some of Our Treatments and Procedures        teeth whitening

  • Denture tooth implants
  • Gingivitis cure treatment
  • Partial dentures
  • Replacement implant tooth
  • Root canal surgery
  • Teeth crowns
  • Tooth implant
  • Tooth pain remedies
  • Treating gingivitis
  • Wisdom teeth removal

Affordable Dentist in Fremont

We didn’t enter the oral health industry to provide dentistry needs to a select group of patients. We serve everyone that needs dental attention. Those with individual dental plans and a family with the best dental plan will find the same treatment as those who have no insurance coverage. We able to help with and provide flexible payment plans for:

  • Dental bridge cost
  • Dental crowns cost
  • Dental teeth implants cost
  • Dental veneers cost
  • Root canal cost
  • Tooth extraction cost

In providing for family care it is important that we make every effort to see the entire family when you’re able to come in. We preferred to combined appointments so that a single visit is possible to take care of the entire families needs. We have found that this benefits not only you but also our practice, in streamlining our appointment statuses.

pediatric dentist for kidsWe are happy to offer appointments for the whole family at the same time, ability to receive treatment the same day as your initial exam, and a comprehensive service in office so that external referrals are rarely needed.

In order to run an effective dentistry we need to have our appointments run on time, have a staff that is crazy friendly, and provide an environment that is conducive to creating warm and welcoming area. We know what it means to be busy, and we value our patients time and our time more than any other thing.

Restorative, Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry in Fremont CA

The needs of everyone of our patients is unique to their situation. At our office, we take pride in offering specialized and unique treatments that deliver the requirements of each patient. Our highly specialized training allows us to implement only the most current restoration treatments with proven dental processes.

We are known both locally and around the state for offering patients high-quality works. Our approach to dentistry is simple: to give patients unique care that facilitates ever-lasting oral health and a brilliant smile.

It is due to this approach that we obtain the majority of our clients through recommendations and referrals. Our patient-centered approach leaves our patients with memories that lead them to recommend our services to their loved ones. Patients are eager to help their family and friends benefit from the same kind of patient-centered care that we are dedicated to providing.

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Cosmetic dentistry can be considered those works that improve the smile through elective means. These processes include dentist teeth whitening, offering low cost of dental implants, and veneers. Many patients in California consider other opportunities such as dental tourism in Mexico or in Asia. While this can produce dramatically reduced prices, we are happy to offer our advice if you so decide to choose this option.


dental teeth implants costThe most state of the art and popular way for Hollywood to improve their smiles, our patients can feel comfortable asking us ‘how much are veneers cost?’ The process is expensive, into the thousands, but is highly regarded for being able to transform small irregularities in the small or re-do the complete smile.

Whitening Teeth

Our practice is highly experienced and knowledgeable on being a premier teeth whitener in California. In providing trustworthy services for our patients, we only suggest the best solution for each individual patient. Sometimes this means that a patient is better suited for treatment that they can implement themselves over-the-counter using the best teeth whitening products.  Other times and for the more intricate stains we will be able to offer a professional service to dissolve and remove the stains that are present.

General Dentistry Questions


I don’t have any tooth pain, why should I visit the dentist?

Sure the teeth may look and feel fine but there are dental diseases that are slow to develop that grow in areas that you cannot see nor feel. If you value your smile you should take every precaution to protecting the teeth and the supporting structures such as the gums and the jaw.

Moreover, patients become accustomed to having missing, stained, chipped, or weirdly shaped teeth. If it’s been a while since you’ve visited a dentist you may be surprised at the options available to correct these issues. With affordable dental implant procedure cost, missing teeth can be a thing of the past and your smile can be full and brilliant.

Our office offers pictures of dental implants to show our patience the kind of services that we provide and the dramatic change that could be experienced.

How should I pick the right dentist from all the dentists near me?

Well first you will have to consider any in network dental professional. This means that if you have supplemental dental insurance for seniors or a dental discount plan, you will need to find a dentist that is in collaboration with your provider. Once you locate and identify this office you will need to find one that matches your needs on a personal and professional level.

Dentists should offer a complementary first visit where you were able to visit the office and learn more about their practice. You must consider things like: their scheduling, accessibility to the office, dental supplies, cleanliness and safety standards, patience and ability to explain complex procedures, any associations that you believe are important to you.

Now is also good time to ask about the potential costs that you may incur in the future, ask the front desk or the dentist about ability for financing teeth implants costs, root canals, or wisdom teeth removal.

How to schedule an appointment?

If you think our website provides the information you need and you are ready to schedule an appointment or visit our office for a free first visit, then simply send us a message.
For new patients we can provide all the information you need to prepare for your first visit to our office.