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Having a great smile is one of the joys in life. The self-confidence that people are able to derive from a healthy and radiant smile is the main driver behind our profession. A Huntsville emergency dentist near me, we provide scheduled and immediate care for maintaining smiles of families and individuals.

pediatric dentistWe are an affordable dental care dentist that operates in a beautiful office in the middle of town. We provide easy access to our patients who have more important things to do than plan their day around their dentist!

We help out patients one at a time regardless of affiliation to individual dental plan or dental discount plans. We offer general, family, pediatric dentist works, and cosmetic dentistry through painless procedures that are minimally invasive. We are skilled in delivering highly acclaimed major dental works but are focused on providing resources, information, and strategy for our patients to adopt a preventive dental approach to dentistry.

Some of our more popular and inquired-about treatments are:

  • Exams, oral evaluations, and x-rays
  • Tooth cleaning, gingivitis treatment, fluoride treatment
  • Helping with bad breath remedies and tooth pain causes
  • Cavities and fillings
  • Sedation dentistry and Emergency dental care
  • Root canal or extraction and dental bonding, wisdom teeth removal
  • Temporary and permanent crowns for teeth, bridges, affordable dentures
  • Dental implants, denture implants
  • Professional teeth whitening and veneers

Because the types of treatments we offer are highly dependent on the current situation of our clients, we recommend coming in for a free consultation. Whether you’re looking for routine dental care like a cleaning or an advanced treatment such as implants, we can only give estimates when a patient is in our office and we can see the whole picture.

To take us up on this offer, give us a short note through our contact form. Ask about a dentist appointment or send us any questions you may have!

What Makes Us Different – Huntsville Implant Dentist

Our team is completely focused on your well being. We know that the end result of our patients is to have a wonderful smile but that is only the icing on the cake from a long arduous process of dental care. It all starts by taking care of the gums and the supporting pieces to the visible parts. This is our preventive approach to dental care.

From your first visit to us, we will carefully map out a treatment that will take place over the next few years, allowing for your smile to flourish with smile dental coverage. It may start with some restorations, like repairing past dental appliances or ridding the mouth of tooth decay. We will work with either private dental insurance or patients with no dental coverage. Either way, you can rest assured that you will be treated with respect and fairness at our office. There is no other way.

Moreover, our services go beyond dental services and treatments, we can help you find the best dental insurance for seniors and coverage plans that help your personal situation regarding root canal cost.

Preventive Care – Why Gum Disease Matters

In dentistry, all things have a cascading effect. One small issues leads to another, which leads to another larger issue until suddenly you’ve got a large scale disease on your hands. A small toothache can be a sign that there are bigger things going on with your oral health. Finding and implementing home remedies for toothache but not solve the issue will only create larger issues for you later down the line. Not recognizing that the tooth pain is likely going to lead to inflamed gums or other dental diseases.

What causes bad breath is the same thing that leads to periodontal disease. In both cases, dieting can be a cause, but more often than not it is caused by a lack of oral hygiene habits that facilitate oral health.

individual dental plan

The quickest cure of gingivitis (which is a precursor to gum disease) is removing the bacteria and plaque from the tooth crowns and under the gums and fluoride treatment. This build up of plaque and tartar under the gums is the cause for tooth pain, gum bleeding, gum recession, and even permanent tooth loss. The odds of developing gum disease only increase with age, statistically around 75% of elderly Americans have some form of gum


Plaque build up is the number one driver for gum disease. To evade this, its crucial that you develop a strict routine of dental care each and every day. Flossing and brushing after eating will rid the mouth of potential plaque. Take care of the area where the gums and teeth meet, as this area is where problems arise!

Exams and evaluations need to become part of your routine as well. This means visiting us every six months for a standard visit. We will clean the teeth and make sure that gingivitis is not developing. If it is, we can take the necessary steps to rid your body of the plaque that same visit.

Basic periodontal disease can be detected by either our dentist professionals or by you. Some symptoms of periodontisis are: red and swollen gums, bleeding gums, gums that are receding, deep pockets in the gum lines. Treatments can be as simple as a cleaning, and topical cream. The more developed cases us root planing

and scaling. To an extreme degree, surgery may be required to keep your teeth, gums, and jaw intact.

If you do happen to lose a tooth or two through gum disease or trauma, it is definitely not the end of the world. Replacing teeth is a very common and streamlined process that our patients go through everyday! Teeth implants now look and function exactly how your pre-existing teeth look and behaved! Dental bridge cost is high but are a wonderful investment for those patients who value their appearance. Dental implant cost is one of the types of appointments that we offer free consultations in our office to provide free estimates.

Cosmetic Dentistry & Dentist Teeth Whitening Cost

dentist teeth whitening costIf you are looking to improve the appearance of your teeth, cosmetics are for you.

Veneers are a conservative approach to upgrading your smile. They are implemented to cover stains, gaps, fillings, chips and broken teeth, and other aesthetic issues with teeth. How much are veneers (or Lumineers) is a topic that is always questioned through the internet. This is one of the most unique procedures that is more accurate to give an estimate during a consultation.

Professional teeth whitening cost is an alternative to veneers but only for that patients that are greatly pleased with the layout of their teeth and only wish to brighten the smile some shades of white. Teeth bleaching cost is one of the more affordable treatments that we deal with in office.

Teeth whitening comes in many forms: tray systems, in-office, strips and adhesives, gels. The most effective is the treatment that is done in our offices. We make sure to protect the gums while a use a strong agent to bleach the teeth and dissolve those tough stains. Depending on what your needs are and what kind of situation you are currently handling, we can help give you advice on which treatment may be best for you.

Emergency Family Dentist Huntsville, Alabama

Remember that our office is conveniently located for your ease of access and built to meet the needs and desires of our patients. Stop by for a visit if you are considering us for your next dental professional caretaker. We know that choosing a dentist is a tough decision and one that should be made with the most possible information available. This is why we encourage you to drop by and visit the dentists, the hygienists, the assistants, and our treatment specialists.

So there you have it! The site you’re on now has tons of other information regarding the types of treatments we offer, who they are right for, and what you can expect from the outcome. Be sure to continue your education on those pages or send us a message through our contact form if there is anything we left off the page that you are curious about.

We look forward to meeting and working with you!